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Short Nonfiction

“Dear sender of the threatening email” in The Washington Post

You must not have been barely 12 years old, hunkered down in band class with the lights turned off and the blinds yanked tightly down, watching movies with no idea why. Waiting, all day long, after our principal abruptly interrupted our screeches of music with the intercom to announce we were under a full lockdown: All doors shut and bolted. No one leaves.

“She remembers the Virginia Tech massacre. Here’s what she wants to say to the person who just threatened the school.” Editorial. The Washington Post. 19 September 2016.

To read this article in The Washington Post, click here.

To read as originally published in Virginia Tech’s campus newspaper, Collegiate Times, click here.

“Normal” in Issue 4.3 of Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing**

Today, I find myself in one of those beautiful moments; I’m soon to become a mother. In this magnificent new chapter I’m about to enter, I know I will face days that are sad because my child will never know his or her Uncle Blake, and there will be many times throughout the years that I feel the loss of what would have been. There will always be times that will be hard, because I’ll never be done healing until my own time has come. But even in those moments, I know that this new life is its own kind of normal, even in loss.

Burton, Kaitlyn. “Normal.” Snapdragon. Issue 4.3. The Word Project. Fall 2018. pp. 58-60.

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Click here to read “Stationary” in Runestone online literary journal

In the works!

Every day, we get closer to seeing a nonfiction book unpacking some unaddressed aspects of the Virginia Tech shooting. Currently, I’m in the process of putting together a book proposal; the next step is to query agents and hopefully get the publication process started soon.

Check back here periodically for updates!

*Some of my other work appears under my maiden name.