About Breeching Baby

Breech: when your unborn baby isn’t head-down

Breach: to break into something

Breaking into parenthood can feel much like my daughter did in my womb: upside down!

Hey there; thanks for stopping by! I’m Kaitlyn, wife of John, Mama of Lydia. A stay at home mom and part-time freelance writer, I raise our daughter and write on a variety of topics.

My little breech was born in February of 2019. After 38 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy, 10 hours of labor while waiting for a C-section, 4 days in the NICU, several months of postpartum depression, and almost two years of this thing called motherhood, I know a thing or two more than I did back when we were a family of two.

I was among the first of my social media friends to have a baby, and as other women I know became pregnant and asked me questions, I thought, “I should really put some of what I’ve learned down in one place.”

That’s how I discovered that I love writing about motherhood and using my experiences to help other first-time moms.

There’s a lot already out there as far as mom content, but there are still plenty of gaps that need filling in, and that’s what I do with Breeching Baby! Here, you can expect to find honest, practical resources to help make parenthood just a little easier, relatable, and enjoyable.

Happy reading!


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